Arindam Mitra 

                          Travel and Nature Photographer   

Photography is my passion and I feel creative while I shoot a still or a video while travelling. Though I love and live to travel but fortunately or unfortunately I don't travel to live, as a profession I'm a mathematics & physics teacher, teaching high school & engineering students ( electrical & mechanical ) in Calcutta.
After completing my high school level I sat for WBJEE & the rank there helped me to get the admission in J.U. with electrical engineering( although I wanted to fulfill my dream of Ph.D in mathematics from Princeton University, but had to abandon in an unavoidable circumstance, no ill feeling though!!). After completion of B.E. I started working in a consultancy as well as freelance teacher, but always wanted to explore the world of travel and photography.
My first travel experience was with my high school friends (if we do not consider those with my parents!!) in the sea-side of Digha in east Midnapore in West Bengal, India. Later on I started funding myself for travelling from the border near "Bumla, Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh to sea-side of Vizag. I got my dSLR Nikon D40 and a JVC handycam while planning for a trip to Arunachal Pradesh. I managed to shoot some interesting shots at Bumla border where I went with special permission from army headquarter at Tawang.    

A few of my works earned some acknowledgements from different photo agencies in India as well as abroad. Recently one of my photos, taken at Talshari beach ( near West Bengal-Orissa border ) was selected to be published in an American photo magazine Boulevard Of Photographers. I also work with a photo agency "shotIndia" based in Delhi. A few of my travel videos was aired in local TV channels in West Bengal. Very recently I'v upgraded my gears to Nikon D5000 and Panasonic 3CCD video camera from those I had initially, enjoying every bit experiences working with them.

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